Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Muslim Ummah Rising Like A Phoenix From the Ashes, But American Muslim Scholars Remain Oblivious

It's quite depressing if you follow American Muslim scholars on social media.

"There has perhaps never been a time in history where it was so painfully obvious that Muslim leaders are the greatest enablers and purveyors of the oppression of Muslim masses worldwide," declared Omar Suleiman on a Facebook post in August.

We are reminded of that oppression in post after post and tweet after tweet describing the desperate plight of Muslims everywhere, from Palestine and Kashmir to Yemen and Burma. These posts are often followed by Quranic verses and Prophetic (S) narrations aimed at guilt-tripping us into donating to a cottage industry of Muslim charities.

Don't get me wrong. It's important to highlight the issues but should be accompanied by breaking down the political situation and identifying those in the forefronts of change. However, our scholars never mention Muslim leaders who are organizing their people and scoring astonishing victories.

For example, this past weekend the Yemeni Resistance movement hit and shut down the world's largest oil refinery Saudi Aramco in retaliation for four years of Saudi bombing and blockade. They are demanding an end to hostilities and free elections or else more of this to come.

"We looked at those photos...they were exquisitely precise, they knew exactly where to hit, they hit it perfectly," according to American energy consultant Bob McNally.

But scholars didn't even mention this on social media. Instead, scholar Yasir Qadhi, for example, posted a video discussing the Islamic ruling of lowering the pants below the ankles!

Muslims in other parts of the world, likewise, are making tremendous progress in freeing their lands of oppressive and occupying forces.
  • The Popular Mobilization Forces in Iraq and the Syrian Arab Army have just about defeated ISIS and its allies. 
  • Afghani Resistance has gained the upper hand after 18 years and is close to kicking out foreign armies.
  • Palestinian Resistance has gained strength through weekly protests and even downed an Israeli drone over Gaza a few days ago. 
  • One threatening speech by the Lebanese Resistance promising retaliation recently forced Israeli soldiers to pull on their diapers and flee positions along the border.
Resistance movements in Kashmir, Turkey, Pakistan and other places have taken root.

Of course, the inspiration for all of these movements, the Islamic Republic of Iran under the guidance of Imam Khamenei, is never ever mentioned by these scholars--neither the way it overthrew a 2,000-year-old monarachy 40 years ago nor the way it has survived war, sanctions, and other belligerence from the "international community" for supporting the Palestinians and other oppressed groups.

Instead, scholars continue to dishearten us with proclamations like "our leaders are shameless and betraying our causes," and we are devoid of "any type of Muslim solidarity from Muslim leaders today."

That's not completely true. The Muslim Ummah is rising like a phoenix from the ashes. If our scholars would remove their sectarian sunglasses, they could see it clearly.

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