Sunday, March 17, 2019

Blame Mosque Imams in the West--Not Trump--For New Zealand Massacre

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Cowered by President George Bush's declaration after 911 that "you are either with us, or against us,"  most imams in the West thought going apolitical would protect them and their sacred places, but the political discourse ejected from the mosques is now ricocheting back in the form of the bloody massacre in New Zealand that took the lives of 50 worshipers.

The New Zealand terrorist that live streamed himself shooting up Muslims in prayer wrote in his manifesto that his crusade took inspiration from President Donald Trump's "white identity and common purpose." He opposed Muslim migration to Western countries and intended to "create an atmosphere of fear" and "incite violence" against Muslims, according to Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison. But while Trump's bellicose anti-Muslim rhetoric is being blamed for the massacre, it's just a continuation of the War on Terror (aka Islam and Muslims) kickstarted by the false-flag Twin Tower attacks in 2001 and perpetuated by Islamophobia in the media ever since.

While the forever-imperial American establishment acted upon the Project for the New American Century to secure "global leadership" through a clash with the Muslim world, which they believed posed as the next threat after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was the job of Muslim leaders in the West to get political and counter any lies and deceptions told along the way.

It was their duty to protect Islam, Muslims, and all of humanity from the ensuing hate, violence and wars by telling the truth when politicians, think tanks, and media were spreading fear and disinformation.  When the going gets tough, imams are supposed to get going. That is, going out into the public sphere and doing amr bil maruf wa nahi anil munkar (establishing good and dismantling evil) and having faith that God will protect them while defeating enemy plots.

God taught us this through telling a story about the mother of Prophet Moses (A) in the Quran. While other mothers were hiding their sons inside their homes to save them from the Pharoah's men, she was inspired to throw her son into the river and promised he would not only return to her safe and sound but would also liberate his people from the tyrannical Pharoah.

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Unfortunately, most of our imams went awol from the political field after 911 when Muslims were blamed for the terrorist attack that killed more than 3,000. These mosque imams lacked the two characteristics God expects in good leaders: knowledge (plus political analysis, insight and strategic thinking) and strength (to speak truth to power). They thought a non-confrontational approach would protect their mosques and allow them to continue performing their ritual prayers and other worship.

Mosque after mosque went into kiss up mode to prove they were the "good Muslims." While politicians and media continued to poison minds against Islam and Muslims, mosques got busy baking baklava and making kava for neighbors to discuss interfaith issues, writing up condemnations of terrorist attacks, and holding vigil after vigil for Muslims killed by the growing corps of extremists. None of these activities included honest discussions on the political machinations unfolding around the world.

This approach, as does any that goes against God's teachings, has backfired. Islamphobia has allowed the slaughter of millions perceived as threats in the Muslim world and now those living in the West are falling victim to extremists similarly feeling endangered by Muslims.

Overwhelming majority of imams have gone wrong because they:

  • Do not confront the 911 false flag narrative. More than half of all Americans believe 911 was an inside job now but most Muslims realized this a long time ago. Imams should have been shouting this from the top of their pulpits to lay bare the event that triggered perpetual war against Islam and Muslims. Be like Arabic Studies Professor Kevin Barrett. Kevin Barrett has dedicated himself to exposing lies about 911 on radio shows like False Flag Weekly News.
  • Do not oppose wars in the Middle East. Imams should have actively opposed wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Somalia in which millions of Muslims were killed in pursuit of "terrorists" perceived to be threats to the United States. That would have nipped that justification for violence espoused by terrorists now shooting up Muslims in mosques like New Zealand.
  • Do not point out Western, Israeli, Saudi involvement in creating terrorist groups from the Taliban to Al Qaeda to ISIS to achieve political objectives in the Muslim world. These groups are not organic.
  • Do not stand up for Palestinians on the forefront of fighting occupation by violent, racist, extremists. Other than an occasional "prayer for Gaza" on Fridays, most imams do little to highlight the oppressive policies of the  Zionist regime and their involvement in supporting far-right groups in Europe that inspire terrorists like the one in New Zealand.

Israel’s right-wing justice minister samples ‘fascism’ perfume in bizarre campaign ad (VIDEO)
Israel's Minister of Justice tries on "fascism" perfume in bizarre campaign ad.
  • Do not call out entrapment of Muslim youth in terrorist plots of Western intelligence agencies.  If Muslims are terrorists, why does the FBI have to manufacture plots to nab them? How many times have imams discussed entrapment during khutbahs or advised youth on how to avoid it? To the contrary, some mosques, like the Adam's Center in Sterling, Virginia, have hosted the FBI's Junior Special Agents Program, allowing open access to Muslim children.
You would expect the terrorist attack in New Zealand to shock mosque imams into reevaluating their strategies. But once again mosque are not going beyond the usual tropes: calling in extra security during mosque prayers, urging congregations to "not reciprocate hate with hate," and holding candlelight vigils for the victims.

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Instead, why not begin offering salat khauf (prayer in times of danger) during Friday congregational prayers? These prayers are done in two shifts with one group praying and the other on the look out for attackers and then vice versa. Not only will this save mosques money on hiring security officers, it will remind Muslims that their religion and their selves have been under attack since 911 and psychologically compel them to work towards ending the perpetual global wars and human suffering by speaking the truth. 

Speaking of speaking the truth, Iraqi veteran Jon Turner links the post-911 Iraq war, the indiscriminate killing of "innocent" Iraqis and the shooting up of mosques in Iraq "to take out our aggression" in a chilling admission. Please watch it linked here.

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