Saturday, October 13, 2012

Khutbaaz (Sermons)

"Reviving Political Dimension of Hajj Pilgrimage"

In "Khutbaaz (Sermons)" you will find summaries of Friday prayer sermons given this month that encourage people to oppose systems of oppression and establish social justice. Why? See my post: Preaching Justice.

By Imam Muhammad Asi of the Islamic Center in Washington
Friday, October 19, 2012

The Saudi government has reduced the hajj to mere rituals but pilgrims need to use this  annual global gathering "of the minds" to discuss, plan and further the establishment of social justice on earth.

"Something has happened to our perception of the hajj," Imam Asi told his congregation Friday.

Though forbidden by the Saudi regime, political engagement is the true purpose of Muslims from around the world coming together once a year, according to Imam Asi.

We know that because God instructed Prophet Muhammad (S) to ask pilgrims to publicly declare during the hajj separation from "mushriks," or those who equate other authorities or powers with God and so indulge in injustice and oppression.

"And a proclamation from God and His Apostle [is herewith made] unto all mankind on this day of the Greatest Pilgrimage: 'God disavows all who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him, and [so does] His Apostle. Hence, if you repent, it shall be for your own good; and if you turn away, then know that you can never elude God!' And unto those who are bent on denying the truth give thou [O Prophet] the tiding of grievous chastisement." (Quran 9: 3)

Asi said during the Prophet's (S) time in Mecca, the Kaaba used to be the center of commercial activity, literary contests and regional meetings of decision-makers and was open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

"What God is telling us to do worldly powers are telling us not to do," Asi said.

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"Occupied Mosques Fail to Foil Anti-Islam Propaganda"
By Imam Muhammad Asi of the Islamic Center in Washington
Friday, October 12, 2012

Muslim haters are getting away with spreading lies about Islam because too many mosques are controlled by Saudi petro-dollars and don't refute the propaganda.

"There are a syndicate of mosques around the world that don't report to God but report to their Saudi God," Imam Muhammad Asi told his congregation Friday.

"We are presented to be the bad guys" by the enemies of Islam. "They repeat their lies so much so that shrapnels of it are lodged in the brains of the public."

"When there's no one to respond to this in an intelligent way, they get away with it," he said.

Opponents of Islam quote verses from the Quran out of context to bulwark false claims that Muslims are blood thirsty terrorists so they can maintain public support for the profitable War on Terror. 

The truth is God teaches Muslims: "There is no compulsion in religion." (Quran 2: 256)

"We don't force people to become Muslims, far from it," said Asi, adding forced conversions would only create more hypocrites not true believers.

Rather, Muslims have been instructed to interact with non-Muslims through three channels: 1) wisdom 2) sound counsel and 3) courteous debate.

God's commandment in 2:216 that, "You have been assigned combat duty, even though you do not like it," (as it goes against a Muslim's peaceful nature) is often quoted by Islamophobes to justify their claims that Muslims are warmongers but it actually refers to how Muslim nations are supposed to act when under attack.

To complicate matters more, the enemies of Islam are creating and supporting militant groups in Muslim countries that, in fact, do not represent Islam, to perpetuate their Muslims-are-terrorists propaganda. 

The Saudi Arabian monarchy, an agent of Western powers, is itself becoming a police state, according to Asi.

"The supervision of hajj is in criminal hands," he said.

For the upcoming hajj pilgrimage the Saudi government has mobilized 25,000 military officers and other individuals under arms, 6,900 mechanized vehicles and 19 helicopters over Mecca and Medina. The addition of 150 cameras this year brings the total number of surveillance equipment to 2,951.

"You'd think this is a warfront!" Asi said. "Do they consider hajj an invasion or occupation?"

Asi: "We have a police state in Mecca and Medina. What are you going to do about it O Muslims?"

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